New Awareness and Understanding of the Language of Challenging Behavior

New understanding, insights and practical tools were the take-away for parents of children with disabilities in a special evening held in Bnei Brak.
Keynote speaker Dr. Benjamin Hozmi, Director of Beit Issie Shapiro’s International Center for Continuing Education in Disabilities, generated new awareness among participants, emphasizing the need to understand expressions of challenging behavior as “language” through which people, particularly children with disabilities, express their emotions and needs.

Thanks to the professional cooperation between ADI for YOU and the Division for People with Disabilities in the Bnei Brak Municipality’s Department of Social Services, many parents of children with disabilities were able to participate in this important, knowledge-imparting event.

ADI for YOU, a provider of information, guidance and accompaniment to parents of children with disabilities, is a community service of the ADI organization, offering an informational and supportive hot-line, parents groups and professional conferences. Likewise, ADI for YOU operates the “Special Babysitter” program, connecting parents of children with disabilities to potential babysitters with understanding and background in special education

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