Mothers Meet

At ADI Jerusalem, we see each child as one part of a whole, and we realize the importance of reaching out, helping and supporting the different components that comprise the entire family unit.

The “Mothers at the Center” program, actively supporting mothers of internal and external ADI Jerusalem students for a number of years, periodically invites mother for an enjoyable evening in which they can meet, share experiences and relax in the company of friends who share common challenges.

ADI Moms look forward to these meetings. “When I’m here, I feel like part of the group. I don’t have to explain why my family is different,” is a common statement frequently voiced by participants.

Without a doubt, these meetings had to continue despite corona-mandated social restrictions, the only question was “How?”

Once again, the resourceful staff at ADI Jerusalem found a creative solution. In preparation for a virtual ZOOM meeting, each participant received a nice-looking bag, prepared in advance with materials for a joint jewelry-making workshop and some delicious edibles to enjoy while working directly to their home.

The moms had a great time making necklaces, talking, sharing and discussing issues common to all of them and garnering strength and support for their unique challenges and lifestyles.

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