MK Yehuda Glick Visits ADI Jerusalem

MK Yehuda Glick honored ADI Jerusalem with a visit, taking a close-up look at the work of ADI’s dedicated staff and volunteers towards the education and welfare of the many children and young adults with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities under their care.

After touring the premises, meeting with staff and students, and seeing firsthand ADI’s cutting-edge, quality care, MK Glick summarized his visit: “This center puts life in perspective. It gives significance to the morning prayer said upon awakening, ‘I give thanks to You, living and eternal King,’ and to the prayer, ‘Who has provided for all of my needs.’ If, in past generations, children and adults with profound disabilities simply waited to die because they had nothing else, today these children and youth are endowed with lives of significance. Without a doubt, this is part of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), part of G-d’s kingdom and part of the world’s redemption. The redemption is not only the return of the people of Israel and the Land of Israel to Jerusalem and the Temple. It is also our return to accepting every person born in G-d’s image. I pray that I may be worthy to be counted among those who assist this important organization.”

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