ילדים בכיתה מסתכלים במסך Children watching a screen in school

Children and adults in the UK have been creating beautiful ‘Sensory Chanukah Cards’ to brighten the Festival of Lights for the children of ADI. The Chanukah Card workshop has become a lovely Mitzvah Day tradition and such a wonderful way to spread the light of disability inclusion.

In addition to providing students with an opportunity for thoughtful, altruistic action, the creative workshop paves the way for an in-classroom discussion about the abilities that can be found within every disability and how the students can promote disability inclusion in their own communities and beyond.

The cards, which include bright colours, interesting textures and 3D elements that are fun for ADI residents to look at and touch, are delivered to ADI centers in Jerusalem and the Negev, showing the residents how much they are loved and underscoring how easy and beautiful inclusion can be.

The Sensory Chanukah Cards workshop is part of the ‘ADI Bechinuch’ disability inclusion program, a collection of virtual and interactive modules developed by ADI’s special educators that highlight the importance of inclusion and transform the students into disability advocates and agents of change in their own communities.

“Now more than ever, we must teach our children empathy and compassion. The ADI Bechinuch educational program employs fun and engaging lessons, activities and simulations that open students’ hearts and minds to the needs and challenges of others,” said Liron Rosiner Reshef, Director of British Friends of ADI Israel. “It is extremely meaningful to teach children that while everyone may not look, sound or do the same things, each person is special, unique and deserving of love and support. It was also truly inspiring to see how children focus on achievements rather than disabilities, mentioning famous artists, chefs and sports figures with disabilities who went on to become household names due to their incredible accomplishments.”

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