Minister of Welfare Yaakov Margi Opens ADI Jerusalem School Year

שר הרווחה יעקב מרגי עם צוות בכיר של עדי ירושלים Minister of Welfare Yaakov Margi with ADI Jerusalem senior staff

Minister of Welfare and Social Affairs Yaakov Margi launch the 2023-2024 school year at ADI Jerusalem with a visit to the center’s Special Education School. Together with ministry staff, Margi toured the premises and met with teachers, students, volunteers and therapists, wishing everyone a successful and productive year.

Speaking in front of the Minister, father of ADI resident Refael Peretz thanked ADI staff for their dedication and ongoing efforts to help ADI children reach their maximum potential. “ADI is a place that taught us, the parents, how to see the real capabilities of our children. It is a wonderful place for our children.” Mr. Peretz added that whoever truly wants a good year should pray in the same synagogues as ADI teachers on Rosh Hashannah because, “surely in the merit of ADI teachers, prayers in those places are willingly accepted.”

Minister of Welfare Margi displayed great interest in the alternative communication systems employed at ADI Jerusalem, as well as the endless efforts of ADI staff to help each child reach their maximum potential. After visiting the new Respiratory Ward, Margi commented that he is proud of the existing cooperation between the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs and ADI Jerusalem, noting in the ADI Jerusalem guest book that, “You are creating a better, higher quality society in Israel and adding greater value to the State.”

Shlomit Grayevsky, ADI Jerusalem CEO added that, “there is a true feeling of partnership on the part of the Minister. We could feel his desire to learn and get to know this special population form a closer perspective in order to understand their unique needs.”

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