Minister of Communication Yoaz Hendel Learns about Alternative Communication

Deputy CEO of Maccabi HMO with ADI executives משנה למנכל מכבי עם בכירי עדי ירושלים

Minister of Communication, Yoaz Hendel, visited ADI Jerusalem and had a lesson in alternative communication systems.

Upon entering a classroom in ADI’s Special Education School, Mr. Hendel saw young children using iPads equipped with special communication boards to participate in classroom activity and express their wants and needs. Moving on to another room, Mr. Hendel encountered other students using high-tech communication systems such as the eye tracking system with which non-verbal students with physical disabilities communicate by focusing their eye on specific pictures or symbols.

Minister Hendel was visibly fascinated by the way in which ADI Jerusalem utilizes modern technology for the benefit of people with all levels of communication issues.

After visiting ADI’s therapeutic swimming pool and watching a therapy session with very young children from ADI’s rehabilitation daycare center, Mr. Hendel moved on to see young adults busily at work in ADI’s rehabilitative workshop. The Minister looked on as residents used sophisticated 3D equipment to print emblems on mugs for sale through ADI’s Ability Boutique and was pleasantly surprised when presented with his own set of mugs decorated with Chanukkah motifs.

“As Minister of Communication, my job is to connect the Israeli public. Here (at ADI), they have accomplished this ahead of me, using multiple means. I wish for all of us, that places such as this, the warm corners and dedication, increase throughout all of Israel.”

Special thanks to Batchi, senior assistant to Mr. Hendel, whose experience as a National Service volunteer at ADI Jerusalem was the impetus for the Minister’s recent visit.

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