“Meeting for Israel” Journeys to ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran

Raya and Yossi Apner initiated “Meeting for Israel” in memory of their son Avi, z”l, and his 72 comrades, killed in the infamous 1997 helicopter crash at Shar Yeshuv.

The goal of the annual event is to create an opportunity to encounter different aspects of Israeli society via an experiential journey along the Israel Trail. The expedition is dedicated to fallen soldiers from Israel’s military campaigns or terror victims. Participants get to know the uniqueness of Israeli society by hiking through the country, hearing participants’ stories and adventures.

As part of this year’s experience, a special group stopped to spend Shabbat at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran. The village, an integral part of the story of Israel and Israeli society, continues and strengthens the ethic of joint responsibility, paralleling the army ethic of “no soldier is left behind.”

A strong society takes care of its most fragile element, embracing them with love and bestowing a sense of family and hope, never leaving them behind.

The unity and love felt during the joint Shabbat was moving, the experience powerful, reaching all participants. Meeting for Israel particpants said that they “are leaving ADI Negev as different people.”

We were happy to host you and do our part to participate in the journey for Avi and his comrades. A journey for all of us.


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