Meet Moriya Rosenberg, National Service volunteer at ADI Ofakim Beit HaYotzer

מתנדבת עוזרת לבחור עם מגבלויות לשרוך חוט בחור Volunteer helping a boy with disabilities thread a string through a hole.

Originally from Ginot HaShomron, 19-year-old Moriya Rosenberg is presently doing her second year of service at ADI Ofakim Beit HaYotzer.

“I come to ADI Ofakim Beit HaYotzer every morning. Though I am sometimes tired or exhausted when I enter the gates, as soon as I am inside, everyone jumps up to greet me with such warm hugs and so much love that I just fill up with vigor. The whole center radiates positive energy. The feeling can’t be put into words.”

Like most beginnings, Moriya’s first steps at Beit HaYotzer held some challenges.

“In the beginning, workers at ADI Ofakim Beit HaYotzer did not always welcome me with open arms. It was hard for them to get used to someone new. Perhaps because I am the youngest person here. I particularly remember the beginning of my relationship with one specific employee. It took time for her to trust me; she barely spoke to me in the beginning. I gave her space and time, and slowly she began to open up and let me in. I would listen and show empathy. We gradually began to have more meaningful conversations and eventually, we became friends. Today, she invites me to her home for Shabbat. When the war started, everyone was scared and no one left their home. I went to her for Shabbat. I bought food and medication and I was just there for her, because that is what friends do for each other. Despite the difference in our ages, I feel that I gained a friend for life.”

About National Service at ADI Ofakim Beit HaYotzer

“I recommend ADI Ofakim Beit HaYotzer to anyone looking to do a meaningful National Service. It is a happy place, full of special people, in every sense of the word.  A National Service volunteer at Beit HaYotzer is a full member of the staff, with full responsibility. Sometimes it is not so easy, but in the end, it makes one feel so good. Knowing that I play a part in each person’s progress, no matter how large or small, is wonderfully satisfying. I see that working here truly helps prepare me for life.”

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