Maximum Accessibility and Independence for Residents of the Newly Renovated Beit Hila House

The recently inaugurated, newly renovated Beit Hila, designed with maximum accessibility, enables residents to function as actively and independently as possible.

Beit Hila characterizes the process and advancements experienced by residents in their previous home. Over the past two years, staff implemented a plan to provide residents with the tools needed to run a home and live as independently as possible. Once a week, the girls performed basic tasks together with staff as part of their regular schedule. Tasks included straightening up rooms, changing linens, personal hygiene, etc.

The philosophy underlying this plan claims that properly provided tools enable residents to develop and attain higher degrees of independence. It was this concept that spawned the idea to build an accessible house.

The process of creating accessible living for people with disabilities is complicated and requires comprehensive professional knowledge. Creating accessibility takes into account a person’s parameters and living space as well as the main activities the person performs within these surroundings.

Much thought was given to all details during renovation – creating a workspace of wheelchair accessible height, wide hallways, colors and smells that allow for spatial control and many other elements that contribute to independent work.

Residents’ families invited to the inauguration were overwhelmed when they saw the new premises. In arts and crafts activity, girls and their parents created chamsas and blessings for the home for the girls to hang in their new rooms.

A new vocabulary of updated terminology for defining abilities accompanied the feeling of a new beginning upon entering the renovated home. For the wonderful residents and staff of Beit Hila, the sky is the limit. The house is a tool. The girls’ abilities and the staff’s dedication constitute the true paths to success.

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