Lighting Up the Lives of ADI Kids with Love and Affection

חנוכיה עם חמש נרות דלוקים Menorah with five candles lit

After reconnecting with ADI residents ten years after her Bat Mitzvah twinning campaign, Pia Bildirici of Turkey became so attached to the kids at ADI that she just had to see them again.

Though it was still morning in NYC, Pia joined a group of ADI kids via ZOOM as they lit the fifth candle of Chanukah and then took out another book for her second ADI read-along.

ADI kids got a special treat when PIA’s parents, Murat and Luna, joined the video story-hour from their home in Istanbul.

Whether in NYC or Istanbul, the Bildirici family reaches out to touch the hearts and souls of ADI residents and proves once again that acceptance, inclusion and care are not bound by borders.


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