Joint Educational Activity with Southern Israel Rehabilitation Centers

The ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitation Center was proud to host a forum of health-related professionals from Ashdod’s Barzilai Medical Center, Ber Sheva’s Soroka Medical Center and Macabbi HMO’s Bayit B’Lev this past Wednesday, August 27.

A joint initiative of the various department directors, the forum aims to hold bi-monthly meetings, provide academic activity and ensure that professionals in health-related fields receive ongoing updates regarding advancements and breakthroughs in matters concerning rehabilitation.

Likewise, the forum aims to strengthen connections and cooperation between the various centers in the hope of fostering joint research projects. Important issues concerning rehabilitation will be discussed, clinical research papers will be presented and brain-storming sessions will convene in an effort to seek innovative solutions to challenging real-life cases.

Forum participants were inspired by a preview of the future rehabilitation hospital presently in advanced stages of construction, set to open during the coming year.  Additionally, participants were consulted concerning a case currently being dealt with in the ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran rehabilitation wing and research center.

In a natural turn of events, discussion moved on to the current COVID-19 crisis and complications stemming from the more serious incidents of illness. Apart from the immediate need to save lives after exposure to the virus, the group discussed and reviewed the authentic need for rehabilitation after initial recuperation. The complex repercussions of the disease among the seriously ill are still unknown, and possible damage to the brain, to memory and to nutrition due to extended hospitalization and intubation still require in-depth study.

The forum met in full compliance with all Purple Tag regulations, gathering in a spacious room with open windows while adhering to the rules of social distancing. At present, it is imperative that we accustom ourselves to living with the virus in our midst and adopt the rules of behavior and caution that will stem the spread of the disease even as we cautiously continue routine activity.

At ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran, we will continue to advance rehabilitation in general while specifically moving forward to provide the highest level of service possible to the residents of the Negev.

Our thanks to Dr. Tzaki Siev-Ner and the dedicated rehabilitation staff for furthering this important topic.

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