ADI Ofakim Program Participants Join the IMC Medical Cannabis Staff

Certificate awards ceremony טקס חלוקת תעודות

Collaborative efforts between ADI Ofakim Vocational Center and IMC Medical Cannabis Company reached the next level as ADI Ofakim program participants were officially accepted as regular IMC employees.

Over the past nine months, four ADI Ofakim Vocational Center participants, adults with different types and levels of disabilities, traveled daily to the IMC facility accompanied by an ADI Ofakim escort counselor to work in IMC’s farm and production system and learn specific tasks related to the manufacture of medical cannabis. Impressed with the work ethic and abilities of the four employees – Chen, Narkis, Benny and Chagit – IMC administration offered them to join the IMC team as regular staff members, celebrating their new status within the company with a festive ceremony.

ADI Ofakim Vocational Center opened its doors more than a year ago and has since become an active center of rehabilitative employment for over 60 people with special needs. The main goal of the center is to provide vocational guidance and counselling and equip participants with the tools needed to integrate into the open job market – a viable and attainable goal as Chen, Narkis, Benny and Chagit have proven.

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