JDAIM UK – ADI leads the charge for acceptance and inclusion of people with disabilities

British Friends of ADI’s initiative and campaign to bring Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance & Inclusion Month (#JDAIM) to the UK, kicked off in London last Sunday with an amazing inclusion workshop in conjunction with Project ImpACT and Kisharon.

Project ImpACT teens participated in an interactive workshop in which they experienced first-hand the challenges facing people with disabilities. Discussions following the workshop centered on the importance and great value of inclusion and acceptance of people with disabilities.

Moishe, a young man from Kisharon with Down Syndrome, joined the group and spoke about his life and the path he travelled in his efforts to develop greater independence and live a meaningful life despite his learning disability. Moishe told the group about his passion for football, bringing home the point that people with and without disabilities share many common interests. Workshop participant Joe Katzenellenbogen was very impressed, saying that, “It was interesting to meet someone who hasn’t had the same opportunities as others, but embraces life.”

As part of the workshop, the teens put their creative skills to use and built a digital campaign to promote JDAIM and its key messages of acceptance and inclusion in the UK.

Liron Rosiner-Reshef, Director of British Friends of ADI, said: “JDAIM is a call to action, challenging every individual in the Jewish community to take responsibility and act according to our Jewish values, celebrating the rights of all Jews to be included and participate in all aspects of Jewish life regardless of their disability. ADI’s empowering approach, emphasizing the ability within the disability,transforms the lives of hundreds of children with severe disabilities in Israel. Honoring the gifts and strengths that we all possess was one of the key messages of this session together with fostering diversity and inclusion.”

Chayli Fehler – Project ImpACT Founder concluded the workshop. “Thanks to ADI and Kisharon who joined us to run an inspiring and powerful session. Project ImpACT volunteers learned about the challenges and limitations faced by people with disabilities and how we can all promote inclusion within the community.”

Promoting JDAIM is part of ADI’s wider Tikun Olam educational program and campaign. British Friends of ADI will be marking JDAIM with various community events and workshops throughout London this coming February.

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