JDAIM Comes to the UK

Thanks to British Friends of ADI, this year,  Jewish Disability, Awareness, Acceptance & Inclusion month (JDAIM) is coming again to the UK.

JDAIM, marked during the month of February, sets unification of Jewish communities worldwide in raising awareness and championing the rights of all Jews to be included and actively participate in all aspects of Jewish life regardless of their intellectual or developmental abilities as their mission.

Established in 2009 by the Jewish Special Education International Commission, JDAIM is observed each year via Jewish community events in the United States and throughout the world.

Making Jewish life accessible for all is one of the most important community responsibilities, and one of the greatest opportunities to benefit from what each person can contribute. British Friends of ADI has taken up the gauntlet and brought JDAIM to the UK for the first time by spreADIng awareness of inclusion in general and ADI’s many inclusion project in particular through various community events and workshops in London during the entire month.

The ADI organization knows that a society is judged by the way in which it relates to its most vulnerable members. ADI stands at the forefront, committed to building a better and more just society through inclusion, acceptance and integration. British Friends of ADI is proud to bring JDAIM to the UK.

Click here to join us this coming February.

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