Israelis with Disabilities Raise the Flag for Independence

ADI Jerusalem made a mark for independence, crafting the country’s largest human flag in honor of Israel’s 73rd year.

The blue and white banner, held together by residents, staff and National Service volunteers, ingeniously incorporated the light-blue, Covid-mandated protective gear still in use at ADI centers to maintain maximum safety requirements to create the well-known symbols of the Israeli flag – two blue strips and a central Magen David.

Further Independence Day celebrations at ADI Jerusalem included a creative cake-decorating competition, in which residents literally put the icing on the cake to produce Independence Day related toppings, and a delightful outing to a local, accessible park for a joint celebration of the Israeli holiday and the timely easing of public corona restrictions.

Residents of ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran also took to the outdoors to celebrate, enjoying the beautiful day as they filled the paths and lawns of the southern rehabilitation village, waving flags and enjoying the music and singing that filled the air with the festive sounds of joy and happiness.

Independence – individual, personal or national – is highly valued at ADI and always a reason for celebration.

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