In Memoriam: Longtime ADI Benefactor – Lillian Zeides

It is with great sorrow that I write about our dear friend and supporter, Lillian Zeides A”H.

Lillian, a number of years ago, upon your request, I sent you information about ADI in Israel. You responded with such kindness to our children, helping us to provide them with a real quality of life and the opportunity to realize their potential despite their limitations.

Lillian, you were a true source of inspiration to all who knew you.  Your active support of ADI and so many other organizations is a testament to your care and concern for the future of the Jewish people.  Your personal example of how to open your heart to those in need has taught us all what it truly means to be a giver – generously, modestly, and with sincerity.

Although you never had children of your own, by giving so generously to the 650 disabled children of ADI, you have “adopted” each and every one as your own.

May your personal example of compassion and caring for the children of ADI be an eternal merit for you.


Dov Hirth and the entire ADI family


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