In Concert at ADI Jerusalem: Ishay Ribo

Ishay Ribo with boy in wheelchair ישי ריבו עם בחור בכסא גלגלים

In what could arguably be billed as his most touching performance to date, Israeli superstar Ishay Ribo privately serenaded students and residents of ADI Jerusalem, showering them with the authentic sincerity for which his music is so well known.

After touring the premises, meeting residents, learning about their challenges and watching actual therapy sessions, Ribo took out his guitar and sat down for an impromptu concert.

In one particularly touching moment, Refael, a non-verbal resident of ADI used his eye-tracking system to communicate, extending his own personal message of thanks and letting Ribo know how much he enjoyed the concert.

As ADI students smiled, clapped and swayed back and forth, it was once again apparent that the language of music surpasses all boundaries and reaches straight to the heart.

Thank you, Ishay Ribo, and may your songs continue to shed the light of emunah and happiness into the hearts of all people.

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