IDF Soldiers Undergo Rehabilitation at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran

דובר צה"ל דניאל הגרי עם חיילם משתקם בעדי נגב IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari with soldier rehabilitating at ADI Negev

IDF spokesperson Brigadier General Daniel Hagari is no stranger to ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran. Hagari’s younger brother Yoni was one of the rehabilitation village’s first residents, and Hagari was wont to visit him often.

Now, since the start of the Iron Shields War, Hagari also visits the village in an official capacity, checking up on the numerous IDF soldiers hospitalized in the Harvey and Gloria Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center following serious war injuries.

As the only rehabilitation medical center in southern Israel, newly opened less than two years ago, the Kaylie Rehabilitation Center quickly outgrew its original capacity as civilian and military wounded, residents of the Negev and surrounding areas, turned to the center for professional rehabilitation close to home. Thanks to the generous support of Jewish Federations of North America, the Jewish Agency for Israel, UIA Canada, UIA Keren Hayesod Holland, C4I, and dedicated supporters throughout the world, the Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center was able to purchase necessary equipment needed to accept the extra patients. Beds, hoists, monitors, an EKG machine and physiotherapy equipment are only some of the important paraphernalia acquired thanks to our friends and benefactors.

Brave soldiers presently undergoing rehabilitation at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran include:

Itamar Hadad – Itamar was wounded in the back while defending the city of Ofakim on October 7 and is now a rehabilitation patient at the Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center.

Ziv Maimon – Ziv fought off Hamas infiltrators for eight hours before being wounded by bullet shrapnel. Ziv has now advanced to outpatient rehabilitation and visits the village twice each week.

Reservist Ariel Sosgard – Ariel was seriously injured by an RPG while fighting in Gaza in the city of Khan Unis. Ariel underwent several surgeries and is now in rehabilitation at ADI.

Yair Weisner – Yair bravely fought off terrorists in Keren Shalom. With only a handful of ammunition, Yair and his friends saved their community from infiltration. Yair, found hours later lying injured in the field, was sedated and ventilated for a long period of time. Yair is now a rehabilitation patient at the Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center.

Major Oh Meatuk – Sedated and ventilated after being inundated with shrapnel from an anti-tank missile, Ohr became famous in Israel after his two-year-old daughter roused him from a state of unconsciousness by begging him over the phone, “Daddy, please wake up.” Ohr miraculously woke up to the sound of his daughter’s voice and is now in rehabilitation at ADI Negev. Ohr has now begun working out in the center’s gym.

Brigadier General Harari continues visiting his brother Yoni as well as the many soldiers rehabilitating and recuperating at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran. Hagari is emphatic in declaring the importance of having a first-rate, professional rehabilitation medical center in the country’s southern region. “ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran is a meaningful Zionist project., and the IDF is grateful for its existence.”

The entire staff of the Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center, from rehabilitation specialists to non-professional personnel, consider it a privilege to care for the many courageous survivors of the October 7 terrorist attack and the brave soldiers who set out to defend the State of Israel and its citizens, nursing them back to physical and emotional wellness.

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