IDF Officers Training: Learning about Acceptance and Inclusion at ADI Jerusalem

חייל מחזיק ילד בעדי ירושלים Soldier holding a child at ADI Jerusalem

As the exclusive IDF Officers Training Course draws to a close, soon-to-be officers visited ADI Jerusalem to sharpen their understanding of the unique needs of people with disabilities and the necessity of acceptance and inclusion in Israeli society.

The soldiers spent a day volunteering at ADI Jerusalem taking part in special activities, after which they met with ADI Jerusalem administrative and medical staff for a round-table discussion about the significance of accepting those different from ourselves and the responsibility of Israeli society as a whole to accept and include people with disabilities as an integral part of our social order.

One of the new officers summed up the visit for the entire group. “We entered ADI Jerusalem with a certain mindset and left as different people, with a whole new outlook on life.”

ADI Jerusalem wishes the new officers the best of luck in their new commanding roles. May they and all of us enjoy peace, serenity and security.

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