Leaders and staff members of the IDF’s General Headquarters (GHQ), headed by Lt. General GADI Eizenkot, Commander-in-Chief of the Israel Defense Forces, made a historic visit to the ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitative Village earlier this week. During the visit, they met with Maor Moshe, a member of the police force’s special patrol unit, from the community of Nevatim. Two years ago, Maor was critically wounded at Damascus Gate, during the “Intifada of Knives.” He is currently being treated at the village’s outpatient rehabilitation center.

The guests continued on to view an activity for children from the village’s preschool and rehabilitative daycare center. They also visited the high-dependency department and met its National Service volunteers, stopped in at the hydrotherapy pool, toured the vocational workshops and met with soldiers volunteering at the village.

Commander-in-Chief Eizenkot said: “This is the GHQ staff’s first visit. It is an opportunity to experience the vision, the mission and the love of mankind evident here. This meeting teaches us about man’s spirit, and about the power of a society that is measured by its sensitivity and its efforts to benefit every person. I salute you for being a great inspiration to Israeli society and to the IDF, our national army.”

Rabbi Yehuda Marmorstein, General Director of ADI: “We are mid-way. I ask that people like you, representatives of society’s strongest sectors, join our vision and take part in helping the weak sectors, such that each and every child be cared for in a way that will enable us to become a better, more civilized society.”

Maj. Gen. (Res.) Doron Almog, Chairman of the village, wrapped up the visit: “I am grateful for the Commander-in-Chief’s decision to expose those responsible for Israel’s security to the work being done to benefit the weakest members of our society. ‘All Israel is responsible for one another,’ and the test of the love of mankind is the greatest test of all. I thank you for the strength and hope that the Commander-in-Chief and his GHQ bring to all of us, through level-headed, humane and ethical leadership. The strength of the human chain will forever be measured by the strength of its weakest links, and the more we do to empower them, the better, stronger and humbler a society we will be.”

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