In honor of the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, the Ministry of Education chose Jerusalem as the annual topic of study for schools throughout the country, and ADI’s schools were no exception. At ADI Jerusalem, students focused on the city’s various neighborhoods and landmarks – their histories, characters, stories and even songs written about them. They learned through using their senses – the indigenous smells and tastes of each place, listening to songs and watching films.

For Jerusalem Day, the children created and exhibition, which is the highpoint of the year’s study. Each class chose a specific place in the city and learned about it extensively, finally making a model of it together with their teachers and therapists. The models include such sites as the city’s museums, the rose garden, the famous “Mifletzet” monster slide, Ammunition Hill, and more, and were made of such materials as papier maché, clay, styrofoam, plasticine and plaster. During the process of making the models, the children used specially adapted switches, paint brushes and other tools, which assisted them in expressing their creativity.

But this was not the end of the festivities. On the day itself, residents, together with their families and friends, staff members and volunteers, participated in the huge “flag parade” through the city. The parade, which takes place every year on Jerusalem Day, was particularly large and festive this year, for the 50th anniversary of the city’s reunification, with thousands of participants from throughout the country and the world. ADI’s kids were right there marching with everyone else, with great smiles and pride to be part of this special celebration.

The staff and students of ADI Jerusalem are proud to have their exhibition displayed in the school’s lobby, and to have joined in dancing in Jerusalem’s streets in celebration. We have indeed placed Jerusalem above our highest joy.

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