Good Deeds Day 2019

Good Deeds Day, an Israeli initiative marked all over the world, calls people to come out and give of themselves for the benefit of others. 

Though dedicated staff and devoted volunteers make every day Good Deed Day at ADI, various special activities marked the date set aside on the international calendar.

Members of the Control Center of the Israel Police Jerusalem office came to ADI Jerusalem to connect to ADI residents. Station Commanding Officer Avi Ben David initiated the visit, including his wife and children in the meaningful trip together with station police officers.

After a musical getting-to-know-each-other session, police and residents created a banner designed with colorful handprints sporting the headline, “From now on we are one family in our hearts. The Jerusalem Control Center”.

30 ninth-grade students from the Begin High School in Gedera came to ADI Moriah and spent the day playing various outdoor games with residents, including bulls-eye, bowling, ball games, hoops, swings and more.

Gedera students, used to community outings and spending time in inclusive, interactive activity, happily welcomed the guests, many of whom were old friends from previous visits to Moriah.

At ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran, medical engineering staff from Soroka Hospital made their annual visit to the village to examine and make any necessary repairs to medical equipment. The “medical engineering angels”, as village staff refer to the group, volunteer their time and expertise to make sure that all equipment servicing ADI residents is in top-notch shape.

Over 50 Israeli Prison Service officials from the Tikkun Brigade volunteered their time to organize a lively happening for village residents, staff and volunteers. In the lovely expanse fronting the Ofek and Shahar residences, Prison Service employees built stands for arts & crafts, pita baking, bubble blowing, slush and more. Accompanied by much singing, dancing and the beating of darbukas, members of the Israeli Prison Service Southern Division make sure that Good Deeds Day 2019 would be enjoyed and remembered by everyone.

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