Good-Deed Day is an international undertaking to encourage people to perform a good deed, each in his or her own way. In Israel, so many people chose ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran to be the recipient of their deed, that the “day” at the village actually went on for an entire week!
The week started with the residents themselves performing good deeds. They all learned how to thank the staff, and for one day, even helped the maintenance, kitchen and caregiving workers. At the end of the week, residents went out to a shopping mall in the nearby town of Ofakim, where they gave “free advice” to passersby – each of whom left the encounter with a smile on his or her face.
Another special good-deed event was a day when the staff of the Regional Council came to spend a day at the village. This was a joint initiative of the volunteer coordinators of the council and the village, in order to familiarize the council staff with ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran and its amazing residents. The visitors walked around with residents, cooked meals with them in the cafeteria, participated in school activities, and also met the ongoing volunteers – our German volunteers even merited an invitation to Shabbat dinner at the home of Shuli, one of the council’s staff members.
On the Tuesday of Good-Deed Week, staff of the Tel-Aviv district Discount Bank workers’ committee came to the village and organized a huge and happy happening for the residents. This included a range of creative workshops, baking pizza and muffins, playing ball games, a make-up stand, all accompanied by music and artistic activities organized by the students of the Thelma Yellin School in Givatayim.
Throughout the week, the village’s residents, staff and volunteers were filled with joy and positive energy. We are deeply thankful to all those who gifted us with their good deeds, demonstrating their care for and love of ADI’s residents. ADI’s family is truly second to none!

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