Fundraising with Meaning

Jerusalem Friends of ADI’s Phenomenal Film Premiere

On back-to-back evenings in May, the Jerusalem Friends of ADI hosted the Israel premiere of the award-winning film “1945” at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem and Yad LeBanim in Ra’anana to support ADI’s residents with severe complex disabilities. In addition to screening the renowned 2017 Hungarian film, which focuses on the homecoming of two Jewish Holocaust survivors to a Hungarian village in August 1945, the events featured opening remarks by committee member Lisi Blumenfeld (who also served as the master of ceremonies), a lecture on Holocaust history by scholar and historian Dr. Charles Landau, and a first-person account of ADI’s warmth and high standards of disability care by Yoni Lipshitz, a parent of an ADI resident.

The sell-out crowds for both events – more than 300 attendees in Jerusalem and 100 in Ra’anana – thoroughly enjoyed the film and hung on each speaker’s every word.

We are so grateful to the Jerusalem Friends of ADI for organizing this wonderfully inventive and incredibly meaningful fundraising event. Your dedication to the children of ADI is inspiring and the funds raised through these events will make all the difference in their advancement and care!

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