Farewell But Not Goodbye

ADI Jerusalem’s annual farewell party for National Service volunteers took on a different style this year as COVID-19 set the tone with social distancing regulations.

ADI’s beautiful roof-top patio sported individual tables for each volunteer set up with refreshments and personalized gifts, memorabilia of the past year’s activities. The girls’ parents looked on via ZOOM as ADI staff, residents and students approached the central microphone to express their gratefulness for the girls’ dedication over the past year and offer blessings for the future.

And there was plenty to say, as this was no ordinary year.

Faced with the major task of shielding our immunocompromised residents from the often fatal coronavirus, they rose to the challenge and became an integral part of our emergency life-saving efforts, remaining calm, committed and confident in their abilities to help ADI’s children pull through this crisis with smiles on their faces.

As these amazing girls ready themselves for the next stage of their lives, the staff, students and residents of ADI Jerusalem wanted to make sure they knew just how much they are valued and appreciated as part of the ADI family.

Family members may strike off on different paths, but the connection remains forever, so for us, it was farewell but not goodbye.

Wishing each and every one of you the best of luck in your chosen course.

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