Family Visits Corona Style: A Lesson in Flexibility and Initiative

As Corona-compelled government restrictions for social distancing are being rolled back, ADI Jerusalem continues stringent regulations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all residents.

Family visits, while now permissible, present a logistical challenge, as entrance into the building for non-essential staff is still limited and controlled. How, then, can parents and family members visit and spend time with their child or sibling?

ADI Jerusalem’s flexible and innovative administrative staff came up with the perfect solution: a lovely, beautifully set-up visitors’ tent conveniently placed in the building’s parking lot. Floored with artificial grass, furnished with comfortable garden furniture and cooled off with well-placed fans, the ADI Jerusalem visitors’ tent, easily accessible and convenient for residents, enables individual families to visit their child or sibling in a tranquil setting without entering the building.

While we hope and pray for the end of the COVID-19 period and the renewal of open access to the ADI Jerusalem building for all, we are delighted that residents and family are able to spend time with each other and take pride in the flexibility of the ADI tent initiative. 

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