Eulogy for Yam and Nadav Goldstein-Almog

משפחת גולשטיין-אלמוג Goldstein Almog family

By: Doron Almog – Cousin of Chen Goldstein-Almog

At the place where words ended, stood a beautiful sign which says Goldstein Almog.

Nadav’s crutches lay at the entrance to the house, next to the mangled bikes, remembrance of the accident and the pogrom. A sergeant rank shirt adorned with Yam’s instructor aiguillette is thrown in the living room. Two huge blood stains in the residential protected room, and the shower. Hundreds of bullet holes in the walls like open wounds. A closet organized by colors with an unparalleled precision. A passion for life, organization and optimism. The green vegetation of Kfar Aza were dusted and bended, as the crushed hope to build here an exemplary society- productive, loving and proud.

The evilness and hatred, in all of their hideous ugliness, has shrouded the beauty and goodness, like an unbridled-dehumanized wild spur of the mosque minarets seen from Shuja’iyaa.

The kingdom of Satan has spread over the kingdom of goodness.

The internet website of ‘kafrit’, the factory that Nadav has led with a vision and exceptional talent, shouting everywhere: “we are not alone. We are a part of a community. You are our community. We are committed to the future, a sustainable future. Together we will create a better future. Together we will lead the plastic world towards new paths. The new generation starts here, with us. ”

Giora and Shlomit, Varda and Gogo, members of Almog-Goldstein family,

We are here today, praying for the return home of Chen, Agam, Gal and Tal. Swearing to act with all our might to bring them home together, along with all of our captives.

We are not men of vengeance and penalty. Here, at Shefayim cemetery, next Nadav’s and Yam’s bleeding graves, here I swear with you, to rebuild Kfar Gaza, as well as all of Gaza envelope settlements. To come back and execute the founders dream, the dream of Nadav, Yam and all those who built their homes with the hope of creating an exemplary society.

A society that will beat any evilness in the world. A creative and loving society with Nemmet the owl stories, light games and the Giraffe language.

We swear here today, to never forget the horror that happened and to continue navigating our paths in light of their life’s legacy, loves and values which will serve as our moral compass in building a new Israel. “The new generation begins here” as Nadav wrote.

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