Dreamers from Oregon Become Doers At ADI

Oregon’s state slogan is “We love dreamers.”  But the recent volunteerism of Oregon natives Rev. Robert Rapp, Gary and Cheryl Logerstedt, Michelle Brands, Jennifer Trayes and David Smith proved that they are so much more than dreamers – they are doers with hearts of gold.  For the second time, Rev. Rapp brought a delegation of American Christian supporters of Israel to the Holy Land for a 10 day volunteer experience at two different ADI facilities.  The dedicated and loving volunteers, many of whom had never been to Israel before, spent some time at ADI’s residential facility in Jerusalem before heADIng to ADI’s rehabilitative village in the Negev for a week of dedicated volunteering.

Rev. Rapp and his congregants have been ardent supporters of ADI for more than 5 years, sponsoring projects and equipment as well as hosting events at their church to promote ADI’s work.  The congregation feels a strong commitment to ADI due to their shared values and vision, which emphasizes love and acceptance towards all of humanity and special attention and care for the most vulnerable members of our society.  These wonderful volunteers and their incredibly generous congregation are a source of inspiration for us all!

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