Double Adar, Double the Fun

Child and volunteer with face makeup ילדה ומתנדבת עם צבעים פנים

Thanks to the leap year in this year’s Jewish calendar with its two months of Adar in the midst of an especially cold and rainy winter, there was plenty of warmth at ADI Jerusalem and plenty of time for smiles, laughter and fun.

Beginning with Purim Katan (literally, small Purim) in Adar A, followed by Rosh Chodesh Adar B (the first day of the second month of Adar), and culminating with the festive holiday of Purim, children and residents of ADI Jerusalem spent lots of time with friends and visitors, singing, dancing and dressing up in a seemingly never-ending flow of laughter and smiles.

We are especially grateful to the men and women of the Ha’Umah Fire and Rescue Station and  the Lev HaBira Police Station who went above and beyond the call of duty to infuse an extra measure of merriment and joy to ADI’s Purim celebrations.

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