Doing the Impossible, Overcoming Darkness with Light

Chanukah is the festival of light, and nothing is more appropriate than spreADIng light where darkness and grey seem to reign.

Chanukah is a special holiday, and the first night, when we light the very first candle, carries great significance. Residents of ADI Jerusalem, children with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as complex medical issues, celebrated the first night of Chanukah  in an emotional candle lighting ceremony together with representatives of the medical emergency service organization United Hatzalah.

United Hatzalah chose to celebrate the beginning of the Chanukah holiday at ADI, emphasizing the light that emanates from residents, staff and volunteers. Candles of faith and hope shone brightly as members of United Hatzalah and ADI students sang Chanukah songs and danced. During the evening, United Hatzalah representatives, closely connected to ADI all year long, extended a special invitation to ADI students to be their guests for a personal tour of the new United Hatzalah building.

Participating in the emotion-filled ceremony were Moshe Teitelbaum, CEO United Hatzalah, Mikki Cohen, United Hatzalah’s Jerusalem Regional Director, Eli Pollack, CEO IsraLife and additional members of the United Hatzalah administration. Students form the Mevaseret Yeshiva arrived shortly after candle lighting, augmenting the festivities with additional singing and dancing.

Shlomit Grayevski, CEO of ADI Jerusalem, commented, “Lighting of the first candle of Chanukah this year was chosen to be a collaboration of two amazing and exciting organizations – United Hatzalah and ADI Jerusalem. Both organizations took upon themselves to address the most challenging difficulties without giving in to despair. United Hatzalah saves lives and ADI Jerusalem provides meaning to life, to children and their families. Both together, and each individually, overcome the impossible and conquer the darkness with light. A happy Chanukah to everyone!”

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