COVID-19 UPDATE: May 13, 2020

Virtual Bonfires, Real Inspiration

Quarantine can’t extinguish our spirit!  To celebrate the Jewish holiday of Lag B’Omer, the ADI residents sang and danced around virtual bonfires. In addition to keeping our precious residents safe, our virtual bonfires allowed us to show respect for the environment.  Just like sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, we are all emerging from our caves after a lengthy lockdown with a new lease on life and a deep appreciation of our beautiful world.

Here’s to living inspired!

A ‘Golden’ Family Moment at ADI Jerusalem

Though our ADI centers across the country remain vigilant and continue to shield our immunocompromised residents with severe complex disabilities from COVID-19, restrictions have been loosened to allow for safe family visits. At our residential and rehabilitative center in Jerusalem, a tent was constructed in the courtyard, and families donning the requisite masks and gloves can sit in the tent for face-to-face visits with the ADI residents, who must remain at the facility’s entrance.

Tal, an orphan and one of our longest-tenured residents at ADI Jerusalem, has a magnetic personality that wins him many friends, and National Service volunteers are eager to bring him home with them for Shabbat.  Prior to the Coronavirus crisis, Tal spent many weekends with ADI volunteer Yahav Zehavi and her family.  Over the last several weeks, Yahav has been living at ADI Jerusalem, working with an elite team of volunteers to help keep Tal and the rest of the residents safe, calm and happy.  As soon as it was announced that family visits would be permitted at ADI, the Zehavi family jumped at the opportunity to see Yahav and Tal.  They consider Tal a part of their family, and they wanted him to know just how much he is loved.

That’s the magic of ADI!

Emergency Campaign

The needs of our ADI children cannot be put on hold.

Public support is more important than ever to guarantee that our residents receive their daily respiratory treatments, their many specialized therapies that are critical to their care and development, and the medications and formulas that are not included in Israel’s health basket.  With events, visitors, and fundraising meetings on hold, these vital services are in danger.

Though our ADI residents are being distanced from the public to safeguard their health, it is essential that they never feel alone.


We need your support!

By donating to ADI Israel, YOU will help us meet our goal to enable each child, regardless of the severity of disability.