COVID-19 UPDATE: March 17, 2020

Our Angels Are Working Overtime

ADI is a special place where angels are cared for by angels, and our medical and paramedical professionals are putting their poise, professionalism and angelic true colors on display during this international pandemic.

With our staff thinned dramatically and extreme sterilization protocols in place, it is far from “business as usual” at our ADI centers across the country…but we’re still smiling! Our core professional staff is going above and beyond the call of duty to enforce the heightened cleanliness standards, provide the highest level medical and rehabilitative care, and ensure that every single resident is physically safe and feels calm, secure and happy. God bless our angels and the angels who take such incredible care of them!

Staying Connected While at a Distance

Each and every day, our dedicated ADI staff and volunteers do everything possible to ensure that our residents maintain a strong connection with the members of their biological families and that their parents remain an integral part of their lives – present, central and involved. In addition to attending seasonal events and participating in special family programming created to foster quality time with the residents, parents visit the ADI centers daily to check in on their beloved children and discuss treatments and map progress with the medical staff.

With new visitor restrictions in place to halt the spread COVID-19, the ADI staff is leveraging technology to keep parents informed, calm and reassured. While fielding all questions from parents via phone and e-mail, the staff also helps them stay connected to their children via video conference. The ability to talk and sing to their children and see them smile provides our ADI parents with the peace of mind they so desperately need during these uncertain times. We are partners in the care of our amazing ADI kids – during good times and trying times, now and always.

Emergency Campaign

The needs of our ADI children cannot be put on hold.

Public support is more important than ever to guarantee that our residents receive their daily respiratory treatments, their many specialized therapies that are critical to their care and development, and the medications and formulas that are not included in Israel’s health basket. With events, visitors, and fundraising meetings on hold, these vital services are in danger.

Though our ADI residents are being distanced from the public to safeguard their health, it is essential that they never feel alone.


We need your support!

By donating to ADI Israel, YOU will help us meet our goal to enable each child, regardless of the severity of disability.