Cooking and Creating with Love

“What an amazing workshop!” exclaimed Refael’s mother upon conclusion of the pastry and confectionary workshop recently held at ADI Jerusalem.

Led by ADI chef Shai Medlassi and arranged by one of ADI’s dedicated social workers, the evening workshop brought residents’ mothers together for an evening of fun and inspiration prior to Purim.

Medlassi, ADI’s devoted, professional chef, prepares nutritional, rich meals on a daily basis for ADI residents. At the ADI workshop, Medlassi showed off his other skills, teaching tricks of the trade in pastry and dessert creation. Participants learned easy ways to make complex-looking sweets to enhance their personal Purim baskets while getting to know the individual responsible for their child’s nutritional wellbeing.

At evening’s end, everyone went home with a plate of treats and a full heart, grateful for the opportunity to spend time with other mothers, all members of the ADI family.

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