Civil Service Commission Representatives Are Awed During a First-Time Visit to ADI Jerusalem

Civil Service Commissioner at ADI Jerusalemנציב שרות המדינה בעדי ירושלים

Led by Rabbi Professor Daniel Hershkowitz, Director of the Civil Service Commission, the government body responsible for managing the employment of civil servants and overseeing standards of government ministries, Commission representatives paid a first-time visit to ADI Jerusalem together with senior representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services.

After touring ADI Jerusalem’s Rehabilitative Day Care Center, representatives of all three parties sat down to discuss the importance of early intervention and the need to invest in children with disabilities from the earliest possible age. Likewise, participants emphasized the need for continuing the close cooperation between ADI Jerusalem and the Ministry of Social Services.

Rabbi Professor Hershkowitz was joined by Bureau Chief Yael Mizrachi, District Coordinator Sharon Regev, Anat Amram, Director of Planning, and advisors Ronen Dassah and Sariel Shpier. Gideon Shalom, Senior Deputy CEO and head of the Department for People with Disabilities in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, was accompanied by fellow Ministry representatives Nachum Ido, Director of Services for Children and Adolescents, Orna Levy, Senior Deputy CEO, Human Resources and Miriam Reiner, Supervisor.

ADI Jerusalem CEO Shlomit Grayevski and Rehabilitation Daycare Center Director Dr. Louisa Zussman hosted the guest during their tour of the center.

“Today I had the good fortune to visit ADI Jerusalem,” commented Rabbi Professor Hershkowitz. “The work done at ADI saves both children and families. . . It is our noble challenge to care for these children, and the results and accomplishments cannot be downplayed. Every visit to ADI constitutes a renewal of our emotional batteries and emphasizes the goals of Judaism and humanity.”

Shlomit Grayevski emphasized to the guests that, “faced with life and reality, we do our utmost on all levels . . . We constantly aim to move forward, to do and create.”

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