Chanukah Roundup – Eight Days of Light and Happiness

Light and happiness shone forth from all ADI facilities during eight days of Chanukah celebrations in Bnei Brak, Gedera, Jerusalem, and the Negev.

Gedera residents celebrated Chanukah together with volunteers from El Al’s financial department in an overwhelmingly fun-filled celebration. The El Al workers, regular monthly volunteers at ADI Moriah, were joined by Naor Tsubari, well-known children’s musician and performer, who got everyone hopping and jumping with his upbeat musical activity.

The especially exciting party made a strong impression on all participants. Said one volunteer, “Today’s volunteer activity added proportion to my life. It gave me a lesson that I would never have been exposed to anywhere else.” Other El Al staffers commented, “Today’s volunteering granted me immense satisfaction and the feeling that it is incumbent upon everyone to give even a small amount to those in need,” and “. . . today’s volunteering, and volunteering in general, are extremely important moments of great and powerful significance that make us better.”

ADI founder and General Director, Yehuda Marmorstein, joined ADI Bnei Brak residents and their families for a festive candle lighting ceremony and party filled with music and dancing and sufganiot (doughnuts) of all flavors, generously donated by Biscotti Bakery.

A Chanukah daytime outing saw the Bnei Brak students at the Geha Park enjoying fun and games with volunteers from the Arial youth group on an especially sunny and pleasant morning.

ADI Bnei Brak’s Yad L’Taf rehabilitation daycare center celebrated Friday Chanukah candle-lighting with a welcoming Shabbat party filled with light and music. Children helped prepare for Shabbat, setting the tables to the beat of music and song, accompanied with various adaptive light-up equipment and toys. The fun and delight warmed hearts, overcoming the major rainstorm raging outside.

ADI Jerusalem celebrated Chanukah with eight days of continuous activity, parties and visitors, including candy bags from Bank Leumi employees, doughnuts from Tufini bakery, treats from Mishan L’Choleh, handmade knitted blankets from super volunteer Super Savta, more candy bags from the Jerusalem Police Department and precious gifts from Chabad.

Soldiers from Netzach Yehuda, students from Kol Ami pre-military school, police from Lev HaBira station and Jerusalem motorcycle corps, students from the Mivaseret Yeshiva, Lev HaTorah Yeshiva and Netiv Aryeh Yeshiva, Kriyat Shema volunteer girls, seminary students from Darchei Bina, and representatives from United Hatzalah and the Ministry of Transportation all joined ADI Jerusalem’s steady volunteers for a non-stop 24/8 Chanukah celebration.

On the last day of Chanukah, ADI Jerusalem residents participated in an inclusive community celebration at the Ramot Mall with RADIo Kol Chai and singer Motti Herman and his band. Children with disabilities and children without disabilities celebrated together in one large circle of happiness and light with room for all!

MK Michael Malkiel (Shas) referred to Chanukah as the holiday of education, praising the community’s emphasis on integration and inclusion while Yair Rivlin, CEO of the Ramot Mall, underscored the mall’s policy of accessibility and availability to all members of society. ADI founder and General Director Yehuda Marmorstein graciously thanked Mr. Rivlin for the mall’s inclusive strategy and RADIo Kol Chai for serving as a mouthpiece for families of children with disabilities.

At ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran, parties were held each night and Chanukah candles were lit in each residential home.

Everyone – residents, staff and volunteers – enjoyed a musical candle lighting with singer Nitzan Chen Razel, and high school girls from Beer Sheva’s Chen B’Midbar School kept up their annual custom, hosting students at a phenomenal happening.

In the special education school, students celebrated with a Chanukah party themed “The Light in Me”, afterwards participating in a fire and light magic show and musical activities, and, not to be outdone, the wonderful National Service girls of ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran organized an amazing party for staff and patients of the rehabilitation daycare center, including activities and delicious refreshments.

We thank our hundreds of friends and supporter for an outpouring of joy, light and inclusion!


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