Chanukah Roundup at ADI – Eight Days of Festivities and Fun

ADI’s Chanukah celebrations get more exciting each year with family parties, increased community participation, lighting ceremonies with VIP’s and lots of sufganiot!

Chanukah at ADI in Jerusalem began with a family event, with parents and siblings joining residents for a full day of fun and games.  Among other activities, ADI residents and their siblings played a novel game of darts in which residents used adaptive spoons to fill syringes with red paint, and then handed the syringes over to their siblings, whose task it was to shoot the paint into the doughnut center. Everyone was a winner during this fun!

Traffic was heavy at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran with visitors coming and going every day.

A spinning dreidle piñata and other games and activities were part of the amazing Chanukah activities enjoyed by residents, staff, and guests throughout the week. Among Village visitors were EL Al stewardesses and police officers from the Merhavim Community Police Unit and the Ofakim Police Unit, who came to enjoy and bring joy, and yes, hand out sufganiot!

Staff from Vaporjet Industry of Ofakim came to the Village for the first time, initiating a new company policy of annual Chanukah visits to the Village.

All of our guests were amazed to see how our dedicated staff and wonderful volunteers had decorated the Village for Chanukah.

And of course, each evening everyone gathered to light the menorah in a united, family-like atmosphere, spreADIng the warmth and love of the Chanukah lights for all to see.

At ADI in Gedera, the Even Yisrael organization, organizers of the project, “Giving from the Heart,” for the benefit of children with disabilities, joined ADI residents for a Chanukah party as part of their “Bringing Light to the Children of Gedera” mission. Yoel Gamliel – City Council Director, and Rabbi Shimon Rabinowitz – Director of Kfar Chabad, joined residents and their parents for singing, dancing, the trADItional lighting of the menorah and, of course, distributing prizes and treats.

The weekly Bnei Akiva-ADI gathering fell out on the first night of Chanukah. An exciting and stimulating Chanukah party with music, dancing and workshops was enjoyed by all, with everyone benefitting from the community interaction.

ADI older residents in the vocational therapy workshop also enjoyed good times as volunteers from the girls’ high school Tzvia Gush Katif-Yad Binyamin enhanced the Chanukah atmosphere with singing and dancing.

On the sixth night of Chanukah Rabbi Asaf and volunteers from Gedera’s Chabad House lit the menorah and partied with ADI residents, singing and dancing and of course – eating sufganiot!

Meanwhile, in Bnei Brak, Chanukah at ADI was marked with a flurry of special activity: singer Inbar Tabib appeared in an interactive show for residents and their mothers; police officers from the local Police Department came for candle lighting and celebration; 20 yeshiva students from Mir Brachfeld Yeshiva stopped in for an impromptu Chanukah “sitz”; and 35 boys from Yeshivat Bnei Akiva danced and sang with residents in a fun-filled afternoon.

Let’s not leave out the “official” Chanukah party at ADI in Bnei Brak – a hands-on educational experience in which residents and staff built Maccabean houses, set up an olive press and made real olive oil, and “met” the Maccabees and the High Priest in an interactive Chanukah show. The residents made their own coins, each stamped with their own name, and then lit the menorah. The party ended with everyone enjoying delicious huge, warm, jelly-filled sufganiot.

May the joy and warmth of Chanukah continue to light up the lives of our residents, their families, and all those who care about them throughout the year!

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