Chanukah 2021 at ADI Jerusalem

מתנדבי מגן דוד אדם עם ילדי עדי Magen David Adom volunteers with ADI residents

It was a busy Chanukah this year at ADI Jerusalem as visitors and guests representing all sectors of society stopped in to party, bring light and enjoy time with residents and students

Students from Torah Shraga, MDA youth volunteers, Chabad girls and musical ensembles were some of groups that came to sing, dance and light holiday candles at ADI. The Glicksburg family, whose daughter is a graduate of ADI’s Rehabilitative Daycare Center, stopped by to distribute stuffed animals, personalized with the name of each resident, and visit old friends.

Other visitors to the center included Minister of Welfare Meir Cohen, MK Yisroel Eichler, and Oren Helman, Israel Electric Company Deputy CEO for Services, Marketing and Regulation, each of whom toured the center, met with residents, students and staff, and expressed sincere praise for the devoted work and dedication of the entire ADI Jerusalem team.

Chef Shai’s special sufganiyot (donuts), created especially to meet the dietetic needs of ADI residents, made the news at Radio Kol Chai and were featured on Chanel 14’s Margishot Yofi (I Feel Beauty).

A beautiful eight days filled with light, happiness and joy was enjoyed by all, residents, students and guests alike.


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