Celebrating Lag B’Omer at ADI

בחור מסתכל על מדורה וירטואלי Boy looking at a virtual bonfire

Students at ADI Jerusalem’s Special Education School celebrated Lag B’Omer used accessible adaptive switches to make virtual bonfires glow. Prior to the big day, art therapists helped the kids create appropriate crafts during art therapy sessions, painting and pasting materials for use as backdrops and inserts in the classroom bonfires.

In other Jerusalem activities, students worked adaptable ovens to prepare pita bread for distribution to their friends to enjoy during the various Lag B’Omer parties.

Further south, at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran’s rehabilitation village and Special Education School, students and residents celebrated the Lag B’Omer by taking part in a fire-themed drum circle, keeping the rhythm going with decorated sticks and buckets.

Meanwhile, residents of the new student residential neighborhood organized a true ADI-style Lag B’Omer with an integrative celebration, hosting patients from the village’s inpatient rehabilitation ward at an outdoor Bar-B-Q together with their families.

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