Caregiving in the Midst of Corona

A personal account from ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran spokesperson, Stav Herling

Today, we are only starting to understand the immensity of the situation and our efforts to deal with the new reality concerning staff and volunteers are just beginning.

We are forbidden to enter residents’ homes, and certainly not allowed to go from home to home or to the complex care unit for fear of infection.

The main goal is to isolate residents as much as possible and to maintain the least possible interchange of caregivers responsible for residents. Each home has its own organic group permitted to work with residents in that home and there is absolutely no transfer of staff from one home to another.

The only volunteers are overseas volunteers who were here prior to the outbreak of the pandemic and National Service girls, all of whom work in specifically designated areas.

The hydrotherapy pool is closed.

The fitness room is closed.

The special education school is closed.

The safari (including the riding track) is closed.

The vocational workshop is closed.

We are organizing a unique system for activity, but that will take time. Additional staff members may not go into the homes. There is a clear policy – we are to take care of the residents and also take care of ourselves.

At the entrance to the village, every person has to fill out a health-declaration form and have his/her temperature taken.

The general feeling is not easy. We feel a lot of pressure and staff are fearful.

We are trying our best and trying to look towards the future.


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