Bright Futures Begin at The Negev Workshop

Last week, eight of the eldest special education students from ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran (ages 18-21) joined the diverse and dedicated team of special needs workers at ‘The ADI Ofakim Vocational Workshop’ employment center to tackle a special project in anticipation of the fast-approaching Chanukah season.  Throughout their final years of study, ADI’s special education students are taught about the importance of self-discipline in securing gainful employment and instilled with practical skills and a solid work ethic.  As their final year of schooling draws to a close, they are integrated into The Negev Workshop and given several projects that will prepare them for real employment opportunities within their communities.  For their first project, they are preparing Chanukiah lighting kits containing cups pre-filled with oil and wicks that will be sold in stores under the “Menorah” brand.

Each student has been working at his own pace and according to his own abilities, and the group is constantly learning about their rights and obligations as employees, as well as other valuable lessons that will help them make natural transitions into the workforce, including how to work both independently and as a team, keeping attendance records, following factory rules, and more.  These amazing young women and men return to work each day with great enthusiasm and a growing desire to learn, contribute and grow as individuals.  We share in their excitement because it’s clear that the future is bright – for them and the wonderful communities that are ready to embrace them!

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