Blossoming the Negev: The Opening of ADI’s New Kindergarten Complex

Doron Almog, Shai Hajaj and others cutting the ribbon at an opening ceremony דורון אלמוג, שי חג'ג' ואחרים גוזרים סרט בטקס פתיחה

ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran brings yet another important educational development to the Negev with the opening of the largest pre-school complex in southern Israel for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Minister of Education Yoav Kisch joined Major-Gen. (res.) Doron Almog, chairman of the ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran rehabilitation village and chairman of the executive of the Jewish Agency, Shai Hajaj, head of the Merhavim Regional Council, Avi Wortzman, CEO of ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran, and generous donors Dr. Chaim and Rivka Amir for the grand opening of the kindergarten compound.

Housed in four buildings, the complex numbers eight classrooms: six kindergarten classes for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, one language development class and one class for children with developmental delays. Adjacent to each kindergarten building is a beautiful, accessible outdoor playground with equipment appropriate for further physical development. Children from all over the Negev region will now be able to benefit from an interdisciplinary staff of educational, rehabilitation and health specialists, as well as advanced technologies and a wide range of educational methodologies.

Avi Wortzman thanked the Ministry of Education for their part in supporting the kindergarten project. “I have known the Minister of Education ever since my days in the Knesset. On a personal level, I appreciate his work for the benefit of the educational system and specifically for the benefit of our children with disabilities. His sensitivity towards these children is worthy of admiration. It is obvious that his concern comes from deep inside.”

Minister Kisch responded to Wortzman’s warm words, saying that, “to come here and see these children and residents of the south return to their homes and various frameworks instills uplifting feelings of rejuvenation and renewal. The Ministry of Education under my leadership will continue to assist, as much a necessary, and this region will continue to blossom.”

Turning to Dr. and Mrs. Amir, Wortzman added, “It all began with a special visit to the village together with Doron Almog. Chaim and Rivka are true patriots of Israel, warm-hearted people who love the land, and true friends. As founder and CEO of Essence, Chaim places great importance on advancing just employment for people with disabilities. Each year, millions of Essence Security and Essence Smart Care products produced by Flextronics are put together and packaged in the ADI Ofakim Beit HaYotzer vocational center by our employees with disabilities. Chaim and Rivka are helping us turn our children’s dreams into reality by providing them with a better future.”

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