Bedtime at ADI Jerusalem with the Motherly Love of Overseas Volunteers

Approximately 60 girls from Beit Yaakov one-year seminary programs in Israel for foreign students come to ADI Jerusalem regularly for one of the most emotionally powerful volunteer programs – the Shema Yisrael Program!

These dedicated volunteers, brimming with love and good will, arrive towards evening to tuck residents into bed, going from room to room, saying the nightly “Shema Yisrael” prayer and good night to each child, imparting to them the warmth and love of home and belonging!

As the school year comes to a close, we held a special evening of thanks for these unique girls before they return home, each to their own country. The young sem students met with Shlomit Grayevsky, CEO of ADI Jerusalem, who told them how the first group of seminary girls initiated the program 10 years ago (!), opening the door for the large group presently coming to ADI Jerusalem.

The mother of one ADI Jerusalem resident expanded on the deep-seated effects and innate importance of the program to each child, emotionally presenting a short video of her son praying at home, an outcome of the activity of the faithful volunteers who come each evening to say “Shema”.

The girls subsequently met with volunteers’ coordinator Meital Admoni before concluding the evening with a short film, prepared by ADI Jerusalem residents and which was met with a hearty round of applause from all present.

We wish all of the devoted girls a safe trip home, accompanied by the merits of this important, loving mitzvah.

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