Beauty Has No Limits . . .

Beauty Has No Limits . . .

What woman doesn’t want to look beautiful?

Residents of ADI Moriah’s Pink House, a community home, enjoyed a professional make-up session by cosmetician and make-up artist Revital Amrani, who volunteered to come to the house and give the girls a special treat.

The girls were given over to Revital’s experienced hands. They cooperated, enjoying the pampering, and when they stood in front of the mirror, the huge smiles that enlightened their faces were Revital’s best thank-you.

Revital came to ADI due to her personal connection with the mother of Hila, one of the adorable residents of ADI Moriah’s Pink House.  This was Revital’s first experience with people with cognitive disabilities, and she was very gentle and sensitive when dealing with the girls.

By the time the session ended, it was apparent that Revital was very moved. She too had a huge smile when she saw how beautiful each girl looked. “I will certainly come back again,” Revital promised. “This was an exceptional experience of joy that can’t be put into words. A true delight.”

We look forward to Revital coming again and we’ll see her at our hair-styling workshop!

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