Back to Myself: Post-workshop, Pre-employment Rehabilitative Training

An innovative ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran program, Back to Myself supports the ongoing needs of people who have completed standard rehabilitative workshop treatments.

A personalized, goal-oriented program, Back to Myself aims to help people acquire appropriate tools and find rehabilitative occupational placement for ongoing practical employment.

According to criteria set forth by the majority of employers, many persons completing standard medical rehabilitation workshop programs are still not socially or vocationally prepared to return to the routine of independent life. This apparent lack of preparation was the driving force in developing Back to Myself as an intermediate practical work program.

Back to Myself prepares participants towards independent living and integration into the open market work force. The program’s personal professional counselors impart tools necessary to cope with employment, such as good work habits, increased personal functioning, and ability to meet objectives, empowering participants towards total independence and the ultimate goal of integration into the open work force.

First opened in early 2019, Back to Myself now numbers seven participants. Every person receives professional accompaniment and employment preparation sessions, training them in skills necessary for entry into the modern work environment. Guidance, medical care, occupational therapy and physical therapy are also included in the program.

Additionally, participants enjoy numerous professional workshops such as culinary skills, crafts, gardening, carpentry and photography, all geared towards facilitating an eventual return to an autonomous, productive lifestyle.

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