Back to Camp: ADI Jerusalem, Summer 2021

Boys in pool at camp בנים בבריכה בקייטנה

ADI Jerusalem residents spent two full days enjoying a change of scenery together with non-stop fun and excitement, challenging activity and loads of laughter.

Approximately 30 residents, accompanied by 30 new and returning volunteers and 40 National service volunteers and staff, travelled to Beit Meir in the hills of Jerusalem for the center’s official 2021 summer camp program.

An array of activities greeted residents on the first day of camp with an all-out happening that included a pool, water trampolines, arts and crafts, activities, flower arranging and, of course, lots of good food. By evening, everyone was ready to relax and enjoy a heart-warming concert with Eli Gold and his band. The music and songs were a perfect ending to the fun-filled day, and left everyone feeling happy, satisfied and eager for more.

On day two, residents, volunteers and staff took off for a trip to Park Utopia where they enjoyed a fun game of laser-tag, surrounded by and connecting to the pleasures of nature and the big outdoors. The smiles on their faces, the happiness emanating from their eyes and the bursts of laughter that filled the air made for a joyous scene which will be remembered all year long.

Watching our children at their summer camp, we once more understand how important it is to see the whole person, not just the wheelchair or disability.

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