Back in the Running: Jerusalem Marathon 2021

קבוצה משחררת בלונים באוויר Group releasing balloons

ADI Jerusalem made a strong showing at this year’s Jerusalem Marathon, with representatives participating in the 5K, 10K, half-marathon and full-marathon tracks, as well as the 800-meter Communities Track.

Pushing their limits in specially-made walkers to prove that disability is not synonymous with inability, ADI residents were powered on by staff, volunteers and supporters who cheered the ADI Fleet on right up to the finish line.

ADI Dad, Aryeh Holtz has been running the 10K at the Jerusalem Marathon for years, but this year surpassed all experiences, as he pushed daughter Leah, an ADI Jerusalem special education student, the entire length of the run in a specially-made running stroller that he built specifically for this purpose.

“I always wanted to run with Leah . . .after building an all-terrain stroller with the correct support, I started training with her, and it was clear that Leah loved it as much as I did.”

As ADI residents reached the finish line, they were met with clapping and song in praise of participant’s stamina and accomplishments and championing their abilities and right of inclusion.

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