Appreciating Sweet Dreams

Ten girsl holding certificates עשר בנות מחזיקות תעודות

Dozens of American seminary girls were recently honored for their uncompromising dedication to the residents of ADI Jerusalem and their staunch commitment to ADI’s Sweet Dreams program.

For the past decade, seminary girls studying in Israel for the year have been making their way to ADI Jerusalem every evening to ensure that residents finish their day with the same warmth, comfort and love so important to all children.  Never missing a night, the girls go from bed to bed, from resident to resident, singing soft songs and reciting the nighttime Shema prayer traditionally said before going to sleep. The girls make sure that each resident is properly covered, comfortable, relaxed in their bed and ready to sleep before saying their final good night for the evening.

As part of the Appreciation Night program, girls shared their feelings about the Sweet Dreams program. The common denominator among all participants was the sense of satisfaction gained from participating in the unique program, a venture which ranked high on the list of significant experiences from their year in Israel.

“At ADI Jerusalem, I learned perspective, and love and faith for every person,” said Faigy, this year’s program coordinator.

The evening included short speeches, impressive stories from each volunteer, delicious refreshments and a small token of appreciation: a designed Shema booklet and a scented aroma candle, alluding to the wonderful way the girls lit up the lives of every ADI resident.

Thank you, girls. Your dedication and tireless commitment are an inspiration to all.


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