“Anyone in Need Should Come and Partake . . .”

Seder table שולחן סדר

Passover is a time for family and at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran family includes all members of the rehabilitation village: residents, staff, volunteers and rehabilitation patients.

When Chami Lifshitz, Director of Gardening and Landscaping, learned that ten patients at the village’s in-patient rehabilitation center would not be able to go home for Passover, he naturally stepped in and moved his own family Seder to the village rehabilitation department to celebrate with the remaining patients and on-duty staff.

Seder night was a model of cooperation and teamwork. Shoshi Diamont, a rehabilitation ward nurse, made flower arrangements and social worker Ayelet Bachar set a gorgeous, wheelchair-accessible table. Department doctor Ziad Krinawi and nurses Daniella Donder and Levov Shneir made certain patients were seated comfortably while caregivers Olag Morozov and Woyan Boyovitch added their own special touch to the special evening. Chami and Yehudit Lifshitz and their family went through the traditional reading of the Haggadah, making certain that all participants took part in telling the story of the exodus from Egypt. (Pictures were taken before the onset of the holiday.)

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