ALI Program Girls Wow Participants at the International Belonging Conference

Participants in ADI’s ALI Program wowed guests at the two-day International Belonging Conference sponsored by International Inclusion and AKIM Israel.

Hila Chemed, ALI Program director, spoke about the program, summarizing its background and goals, before handing the microphone over to program participants Libby Zilber and Karin Katorza.

Libby and Karin presented their personal view of the ALI program, telling of their experiences as National Service volunteers and expounding on the life-skills they acquired during the program in preparation of independent living. The girls were thrilled to meet actress Bat-El Bornstein (Papura), and told her how her ability to overcome her own challenges to became a famous actress is an ongoing source of inspiration.

The International Belonging Conference discussed the latest models for community living and integration of people with disabilities within the work place, the community and society, and was one example of the ongoing joint cooperation between AKIM Israel and ADI.

ADI was honored by the opportunity to present the innovative ALI program at the conference in front of hundreds of people from all over the world.

The Ali Program enables young religious girls with special needs to take part in the “Preparation for Life” program in a manner adapted to their lifestyle and culture, offering participants a program identical to that of other girls their age from similar backgrounds.

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