Albums of Joy

The Albums of Joy program, born of the fruitful cooperation between ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran and PHOTO IS:RAEL, commemorates the lives and ongoing development of village residents with individual photo albums, placing special emphasis on day-to-day moments of happiness and pleasure.
Most people have photo albums, often begun as children, commemorating various events in their lives – birthday parties, trips, cultural events, recreational activities, and the small, special moments that make up everyone’s life. Until recently, village residents never had such albums keepsakes.

Now, under the auspices of the Albums of Joy program, five volunteer photographers come to the village once each week, each one taking on the role of in-house photographer at one village home, becoming responsible for the residents of that particular house. Photographers receive advance counseling and become acquainted with the individuals they will be photographing. National Service volunteers step in to accompanying the project, acting as photography assistants.

At year’s end, each resident receives a personal photo album created especially for him/her. No less important, family members receive a documented pictorial record of their child’s daily routine at the village.
Resulting photographs are meaningful and high quality. Last November’s International Photograpers’ Exhibit, sponsored by PHOTO IS:RAEL, saw select program photographs among the many works on exhibition.

Avi Levy, head of ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran’s IT systems, participates as an ALBUMS of JOY volunteer for several hours each week after work. It is a moving experience to see Avi and the other photographs at their work, capturing the nuances of residents’ lives through their lenses.

Many thanks to Ilana Sheilat, coordinator of volunteer photography, to Orly Sagev, director of PHOTO IS:RAEL’s social activity, to Jeff Brian for his handsome donation, enabling the photo exhibit and, of course, to Yitzhak Goren, CEO of PHOTO IS:RAEL.

Photographers interested in joining the ALBUMS of JOY are invited to contact Orly Segev at

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